Health & Wellness

Golden State Medicare coverage is dedicated to helping members stay healthy, now and into the future. It’s affordable coverage, with all the benefits of Medicare plus more extensive services and programs designed especially for California seniors.

Annual Wellness Visit

Having an annual check-up is important—at any age. It gets even more important as we enter our golden years. The Golden State Medicare Health Plan offers a comprehensive annual Wellness Visit with your doctor at no additional cost, to help you plan for better health and avoid unnecessary illness.

If you can't get an appointment with your doctors for your Annual Wellness Visit, don't worry! You can do your Annual Wellness Visits via telehealth. Call us at (877) 374-5162 to learn more or schedule an appointment.

Annual Wellness Visit How Often
Blood Pressure Every visit, at least annually
Body Mass Index (BMI) As part of your annual wellness visit
Overall Physical Health As part of your annual wellness visit
Discuss with your doctor: As part of your annual wellness visit
Physical Activity
Depression Screening
Medication Review
Risk of Falling
Bladder Control
Rheumatoid Arthritis Management

Screenings and Prevention

Regular screenings and preventive services can help detect potential health issues —before they get worse. Your Golden State Medicare Health Plan includes many important preventive tests and screenings that can benefit your health. You can see what’s provided here.

General Screenings How Often
Cholesterol Levels Check with your doctor
Fecal Occult Blood Test OR Once a year
Colonoscopy OR Every 10 years
Sigmoidoscopy Every five years
Flu Vaccine Once a year
Pneumonia Vaccine One-time shot over age 65
For Women Only How Often
Breast Cancer (mammogram) Every one to two years
Tests for People With Diabetes How Often
Hemoglobin A1C Two to four times per year or as recommended by your doctor
LDL Cholesterol Once a year
Urine Test for Protein Once a year
Eye Exam (dilated retinal) Once a year

Last Update : 05/02/2020